Widden Brook Farm

Elderflower Mist Sparkling 2022 - Dozen


Buy 12 x Elderflower Mist Sparkling 2022 and get a 10 percent discount

Handcrafted at Widden Brook Farm on Nullo Mountain, near Rylstone NSW, the 2022 vintage of our signature low-alcohol sparkling drink has been created with elderflower blossoms, organic sugar and citrus along with pristine water from our very own mountain spring. There are no flavourings or preservatives added.

We ferment the small batches in vats before bottling and in true pét nat style, the natural yeasts continue to do their work as the elderflower sparkling ages in the bottle. The result of this process is an easy-drinking yet complex low-alcohol (only 2.0 %) beverage that is best served chilled. It can be drunk by itself or mixed with gin, white rum, vodka or another favourite white spirit.    

Sweetness and acidity balance perfectly with sidenotes of citrus, ginger and lemongrass. We encourage you to enjoy Elderflower Mist sparkling irresponsibly as you celebrate every day.